Medicine & Religion

Museum of Life + Science
Raleigh Durham, NC

Three iconic organizations of the Triangle — The Monti, the Museum of Life and Science, and the Carolina Theater — have partnered together to bring you a unique and thrilling evening of storytelling about medicine and religion.

The Monti has been inviting members of the community to share their stories with a live audience in sold-out shows all across North Carolina for nearly a decade. The stories on this stage are often poignant, frequently hilarious, and always, always revealing. The only rules in this no-holds-barred storytelling is that it must be true and it must come from the heart. It seemed inevitable that The Monti would eventually team up with the Museum of Life and Science — an institution devoted to sharing and celebrating the power of science and technology that opens its doors to over half a million people every year. And what better way to share an experience, a lesson, a passion, than through a good story?

This collaboration will explore the intricate relationship between medicine and religion through the lens of personal narrative.

  • How does our understanding of science and medicine inform our faith?
  • How does our faith impact how we view medical breakthroughs and discoveries?
  • Can these two concepts exist peacefully—perhaps even symbiotically—together, or is some degree of conflict unavoidable?

In one way, at least, science and religion are the same—they are two of the most fundamental tools in a universal search for meaning, though each person wields them differently. The storytellers in this event will use their unique perspective to dive into their past experiences and reflect on what they’ve found.

Do not miss this provocative night of important and thought-provoking stories.

Produced as part of the Think Write Publish–Science & Religion project.

Date/time: November 3, 2017 (8 p.m. – 10 p.m.)

Event inspired by the narrative, Faith in Nursing by TWP Fellow Sarah Christiansen.

Tickets on sale HERE.