Museum Events

Kepler’s Carol

Utilizing the familiar structure of Dickens’ Christmas Carol, Kepler’s Carol examines how Kepler balanced his scientific work with his religious devotion. At the top of the show, we learn that Kepler is considering giving up scientific pursuits. Throughout the play, the ghosts convince him to continue his work. Read more

Medicine & Religion

Three iconic organizations of the Triangle — The Monti, the Museum of Life and Science, and the Carolina Theater — have partnered together to bring you a unique and thrilling evening of storytelling about medicine and religion. The Monti has been inviting members of the community to share their stories with a live audience in sold-out shows all across North Carolina for nearly a decade. Read more

Reflections on Science & Spirituality

An outdoor participatory event in downtown Phoenix on the streets of the Phoenix monthly art walk. Thousands of people will see and hundreds will participate in this event from 5 to 10 p.m. The event is predicated upon the 1 question, 50 answers model employed at museums around the country. Read more

Multisensory Mindfulness—Exploring Neuroscience and Mindfulness

A multi-sensory, interactive installation where children and guardians explore connections between neuroscience and mindfulness. Date/time: December 9, 2017 (12 p.m.–4 p.m.) Event inspired by the narrative, Sounding the Sacred in New York City by TWP Fellow Catherine Fletcher. Read more

Fostering Faith and Supporting STEM: An Educator Workshop on Science & Religion

Fostering Faith and Supporting STEM: An Educator Workshop on Science & Religion Intended for Informal and Formal Educators Teaching Grades 6 – 12 and above “If there seems to be a conflict between beliefs and facts, it is the job of all of us as educators to help students understand religious beliefs are rooted in faith while science is rooted in what we know today.” Read more

Past Events

Writing Competition

The Dialogue Between Science & Religion Science and religion, despite their rich, interwoven history, are too often portrayed as opposites in nearly every way. As part of a larger effort* to facilitate dialogue between these two ways of knowing the world, Creative Nonfiction and Issues in Science and Technology are seeking original narratives illustrating and exploring the relationships, tensions, and harmonies between science and religion—the ways these two forces productively challenge each other as well as the ways in which they can work together and strengthen one another. Read more

Science & Religion—Exploring the Harmonies

Science & Religion—Exploring the Harmonies: A Media Perspective with Writers and Editors from The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard Science and religion co-exist in our world in many complex, interesting, and productive ways beyond the caricature of conflict and contradiction. Read more

Online Course

This free, self-paced course is designed to provide inspiration and insights into the process of writing a personal narrative. We’ll be focusing specifically on true stories that explore harmonies between science and religion, but many of the lessons will be useful for anyone who’s interested in crafting an information-rich personal essay. Read more

The Festival of Science & Religion

Date/time: June 15, 2018 (10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) A celebration of the ways that science and religion interact and harmonize to create more meaning, understanding, and purpose in our world.  This day-long festival offers guests the opportunity to explore compelling new stories and thought provoking ideas presented by writers, thinkers, skeptics, and believers from various disciplines and denominations in a series of events that will challenge and inspire. Read more