The Stories

Shaped Beyond Control: A Scientist from Paramount House by Prema Arasu
The complexities of a daughter’s bond with her father.
Arasu’s story can be found in Issue 31.

Faith and the Fear of Death by Jonathan Jong
Confronting our mortality from the lab and the altar.

The Best Panceas for Heartaches by Kristin Johnson
How eighteenth and nineteenth century science and religion reinforced one another in coping with what was then the inescapable tragedy of childhood mortality.

Physics of Fire by Donna Little
Originally published in the Spring 2019 issue of TIFERET, an interfaith literary journal promoting peace through literature and art.

Beyond the Primordial Ooze by Dinty W. Moore
Conversations with “real” Americans and the supposed divide between science and religion.

Encounter in the Vale by Jonathan Mosedale
A story of hiking, frailty, and glimpsing the divine.

My American family: Religion, Evolution, & Growing Up with Sea Urchins by Olga V. Naidenko
Brought up in the final days of the Soviet Union and well-tutored in its social realist mantras, at 18 the author made an unlikely discovery in the US while following a path to a graduate degree in science.

Search History by Rachel Wilkinson
Can a Google search be a spiritual quest?

“Shuddering Before the Beautiful”: Trains of Thought Across the Mormon Cosmos by Jamie Zvirzdin
As uncomfortable as uncertainty is, it begets a healthy humility that can inspire us to keep searching for answers.