Mark Notturno


Mark Amadeus Notturno is an American philosopher specializing in epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of logic. He worked closely with Sir Karl Popper, and has lectured on his philosophy in more than twenty countries.  Notturno earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia University, and is the author and editor of many books and articles on Popper and philosophy of science. He was the director of the Central European University’s ‘Popper Project’ from 1994-1999 and conducted over forty international workshops, seminars, and summer schools for philosophers and scientists during that time. He is currently a Fellow at the Interactivity Foundation (IF), where he has directed governance projects on ‘The Future of Employment’, ‘Global Responsibility for Children’, ‘Money, Credit, and Debt’, ‘Democratic Nation Building’, ‘Property’, ‘Science’ and ‘Privacy’. He is currently directing an IF project on ‘The Future of Free Speech.’