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Science and religion are large topics, and each deserves–and has received–a library worth of writings. In this course, our goal was help students explore their individual stories as a way to fit the grand, macro-scale perspectives on science and religion into personal narratives that focus on specific events, settings and experiences.

Across the four units composing this course, students are taught to write short scenes and text pieces, bringing to life telling moments that embody their own engagement at the cross-roads of science and religion.  This course is unique because it is developed and taught by Think Write Publish 2016-2017 Fellows (and one mentor) who developed personal narratives about their experience of harmonies between science and religion.

NOTE TO USERS: This is a beta course, and the materials herein are our working documents that we’re sharing with you in an unedited format. These documents are intended as a platform from which other educators may use to recreate, adapt, or advance the beta version of our course. All materials are governed under a restricted creative commons license.

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